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SHERWOOD EXTERIOR VARNISH is an environmentally friendly, low odour, UV-resistant varnish with a low gloss finish. Ideally suited for use on exterior furniture, window frames and doors.

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and forms part of the SHERWOOD 3 STEP WOOD SOLUTIONSealer Exterior


New wood:

  • Sand the surface with 150-180 grit sandpaper

Previously coated wood in good condition:

  • Sand lightly with 360 grit sandpaper, steel wool or fine abrasive pad.

Previously coated wood in poor condition:

  • Treat wood with SHERWOOD WOOD STRIPPER to remove old coatings, followed by SHERWOOD WOOD REVIVER to restore weather damage and to neutralise the wood surface.
  • Sand as per new wood.

Weathered wood:

  • Treat wood with SHERWOOD WOOD REVIVER to remove any weather damage and to neutralise the wood surface.
  • Sand as per new wood.

All surfaces to be coated should be sound, clean, dry and free from sawdust and loose, flaking material after using the correct preparation products.

  • Stir product in the container regularly with a flat paddle to achieve an even consistency during application process.
  • Apply product using the application method icons guideline.
  • Apply 1 coat and allow to dry for 4 hours at 23°C (dependent on humidity level) before lightly sanding with 360 grit sandpaper or steel wool to ensure a smoother finish.
  • Apply a second coat and allow to dry. The product will be touch dry after 30 minutes and hard dry after 24 hours.
  • 10 m2/litre dependent on density/texture of the wood grain.
  • Remove as much of the product as possible from the application equipment using cloth or paper towel before cleaning with water.
  • Always dispose of excess product or empty containers in a responsible manner without harming the environment by contacting a waste disposal organisation.
  • As wood is a living material, regularly apply SHERWOOD INTERIOR WOOD PRESERVER to nourish the wood surface.
  • To ensure a consistent appearance, ensure that the batch numbers on all containers are the same.
  • Where batch numbers on containers differ, intermix before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Wear a suitable dust mask when sanding.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation during application and drying.
  • Avoid contact with skin. If contact with skin should occur, wash immediately with warm water and soap or a recognised skin cleaner.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with running water and seek medical advice.
  • If product is ingested, drink plenty of water or milk. Do not induce vomiting at any time. Seek medical advice.
  • Store in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation and away from open flames, direct heat or severe cold.
  • Keep container properly sealed.
  • To avoid any risk of spillage, always transport in a secure, upright position.